Serent Capital invests in profitable, growing service companies. We typically invest in founder-led companies and often represent the first institutional capital in the company. We are highly selective, choosing to invest in only a handful of businesses each year. Our selectivity ensures that all our companies receive the attention and expertise that they need.



New York, NY

LinkIt! is a market leader providing data warehousing, analytics, assessment, and MTSS solutions for K-12 schools. We help school districts streamline collecting, managing, and analyzing student performance data to improve academic achievement, save time, and increase overall productivity. Specifically, the company’s data warehouse and assessment platform enable schools to store and analyze third-party and locally created data for all grade levels and subject areas. LinkIt! also provides custom analytical services to help schools better understand their data for more effective decision-making and action planning. Lastly, our MTSS solution helps schools optimize workflows to create individualized student learning plans. At LinkIt, we come to work every day knowing that our work directly impacts students, teachers, and their ability to succeed. While we differentiate our products by being comprehensive, easy to use, and innovative, our unique value proposition is our relentless focus on customer service and support.

Team Members

Alison Och

Vice President, Investing