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Strategic Initiatives Across More Than 50 Portfolio Companies


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Serent’s Growth Team puts your company first

Ask any of our founders. Most of all, we care about your success. And that means you get expert advice you can trust to help you reach your goals.

Deep expertise in growth

You need advisors with broad expertise to help you make the right choices as you scale. Our team brings expertise in every aspect of growth - along with an extensive industry network. You’ll always have the right guidance on any challenge, from creating a more profitable pricing structure to building a more productive sales force.

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Top-notch talent that maximizes long-term shareholder value

It’s easy to overlook amazing opportunities when you’re in the weeds. That’s why our top-flight industry experts work hand in hand with you to pinpoint strategic initiatives tailored to your company’s exact needs. We’ve executed proven strategies again and again with dozens of portfolio partners. And that means we can help you unlock extraordinary value, faster than you ever thought possible.

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People you’ll enjoy working with (really)

Your business is personal. We understand. We’re here to help you reach your goals - and turn your company vision into reality. That’s why we take time to build trust and respect with every founder we work with. After all, you want a partner who sticks with you, even when the going gets tough.

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Founders love working with Serent's Growth Team

”The Growth Team's approach is very hands-on, but also noninvasive. They not only work closely with the senior leadership team, but they work with a lot of folks across the company, and very quickly, they become a part of the team. Having this bank of very talented folks that are available to come in and help with specific things that the company needs is incredibly valuable.”

Rod Jimenez Co-Founder and CEO, SHR

”The Serent Growth Team is very collegial and collaborative. They're fun to work with and are really smart people. They've seen a lot of different situations in different contexts. They have a lot of value to add. It wasn't just the classic, consulting come in, take your watch, tell you what time it is. It was like, 'No, here's a model, let's build it.' They are building it. ”

Amy Brandt CEO, Docutech

”Our value has skyrocketed and M&A is a big lever that we've used to do that. If you have Serent's team on your side, they do most of the heavy lifting for you so you're able to continue to run the business - which has been huge for us. We've done five acquisitions in three years.”

Garret Gray Co-Founder and CEO, Next Gear Solutions

”Serent has recruited top-notch, incredibly bright people that come into a portfolio company and try to help them build different growth vectors, pulling different levers to try to help grow our company. One of those levers was this partnership program. Through their help in negotiation, setting it up a process, and hiring, we made huge strides that made a material difference in our trajectory both in revenue and EBITDA.”

John Long Founder and Co-Chairman, Avionté

Work with a growth-focused team that shares your values

  • Partners with broad expertise who work closely with you to grow your business
  • Top-tier industry veterans you'll find it easy to work with
  • Teammates you can work with through challenges and successes
  • Trusted advisors who combine deep analytical insights and great people skills
  • A team that's on your side - and on your company's side

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