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2022 Year in Review: Leaning In, Together

Even in the face of relentless disruptions, uncertainty, and change, there is opportunity. While 2022 was not without its challenges, this year continued to show us how we can work together, compound our progress, and thrive even in moments of unpredictability. We’re honored to be a small part in our founders’ journeys and celebrate everything they have accomplished.

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Donny Wyatt, Founder

“Serent was really thoughtful and cultivating that relationship over a couple of years where I realized I think they understood the market, they understood founders, they understood the fears of founders and really just how to partner at a values level.”

Gabby Wong, CEO

“The thing that makes Serent different from other private equity companies is that they’re really smart operators. They understand what it takes to grow a company — not only in terms of financial engineering but more importantly from a strategic and operational perspective. They have a real depth of experience in how to take products to market and then how to grow those products within the market.”

Rod Jimenez, Co-Founder

“What I’ve been impressed with is how quickly they understand the challenges and the opportunities of the business. And how connected they are to the dynamics and the ecosystem of the industry that we play in.” 

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