Serent Capital invests in profitable, growing service companies. We typically invest in founder-led companies and often represent the first institutional capital in the company. We are highly selective, choosing to invest in only a handful of businesses each year. Our selectivity ensures that all our companies receive the attention and expertise that they need.



Denver, Colorado

HarperDB eliminates the complexity typically synonymous with distributed services by combining an ultra-fast document-style data store, in-memory cache, real-time message broker, and your application components into a single distributed technology. When clustered and geo-distributed, HarperDB nodes instantly synchronize data to deliver a horizontally scaled service fabric, ensuring low-latency in-region responses for clients worldwide. In addition to massive cost savings at scale, HarperDB’s REST, GraphQL, and real-time interfaces make light work of servicing frontend requirements. Install and manage on your hardware, or host your services with HarperDB Cloud.

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