Helping Make Workplaces Safe During COVID

Helping Make Workplaces Safe During COVID

July 27, 2020

Within weeks of COVID-19 entering the U.S., Axiom Medical, a leading North American incident case management and occupational health services provider, launched its new program, Rapid Response Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment (CRIA), to help companies fight coronavirus within the workplace. They also created CheckIn2Work, an app that provides employees with self-serve illness screening.


“One of the biggest challenges companies face is a lack of screening tools and procedures,” says Mark Robinson, President and CEO of Axiom Medical. “We launched CRIA and CheckIn2Work to help companies protect their employees and customers by screening employees for symptoms or high-risk factors.”

Over 50,000 people now use CheckIn2Work every day, with over 250,000 individual check-ins to date.


Multi-tiered COVID-19 screening

The CheckIn2Work app was designed to add another layer of protection for employees. “As people start returning to work, we wanted to provide a safety buffer to reduce health risks and give employees, employers, and customers peace of mind,” Mark Robinson said.

CheckIn2Work provides:

  • 24-7 mobile self-serve illness/exposure screening
  • The latest screening criteria (synthesized from multiple COVID-19 authorities)
  • Access to the Axiom Medical Clearance Center for exposure/illness alerts, with highly-experienced and licensed medical professionals
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data integration with client HRIS solutions
  • Information and training about best practices for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace

But when symptoms or exposure occur, a fast response can decrease the chance of additional health risks. That’s why CheckIn2Work is often used in partnership with CRIA. Mark Robinson explained, “When someone is flagged as exposed to the virus, CRIA professionals provide a secondary phone screening to confirm cases and eliminate false positives.”

Medical monitoring for a world-leader in the food industry

Tyson Foods partnered with Axiom Medical and Matrix Medical to test 1,100+ employees at a large processing facility. Through employee screening, 199 people tested positive for COVID-19, but only one person had experienced symptoms.

“Screening is a proactive measure, not a reactive one,” Mark said. “Asymptomatic employees can spread COVID-19 to others on your team.”

Axiom Medical has partnered with Tyson Foods to help case manage affected team members. They will also enhance communications with impacted individuals and their families through health support, 24/7 telemedicine access, and by facilitating return to work clearances for recovered team members.

“Tyson is one of the world’s largest food providers and we’re privileged to get to work with their team to provide better safety and reduce risk across entire teams and factories,” said Mark.

Strategic partnerships

“The whole world is fighting COVID-19 together. The more we combine forces with innovative companies, the faster we’ll be able to find solutions during this crisis,” Mark said, highlighting the strong partnerships Axiom Medical quickly formed throughout this crisis with Athena Security and ISS Facility Services.


Athena Security

Axiom Medical partnered with Athena Security to co-market tools to help companies reduce COVID-19 workplace health risks and provide greater safety to employees.

Athena Security launched the Elevated Temperature Detection System to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms and risk. With related screening solutions, Athena Security and Axiom Medical have partnered to provide screening and consulting for teams across North America.


ISS Facility Services

ISS Facility Services is a leading workplace experience and facility management company. They’ve been a leader in providing resources, guidance, and services to help employees return safely to their workplaces.

As part of the ISS Back to Work program, they’ve partnered with CheckIn2Work and CRIA to streamline employee health screening. Mark said, “We’re excited to be part of ISS’s Back to Work program. We believe this will make it easier for teams to get back to full productivity.”

Axiom Medical has also entered into a very successful public/private partnership with Tomball ISD, to provide CheckIn2Work and CRIA services for faculty and staff at the districts 20 schools and is also developing the CheckIn2School App to serve the student body.  Discussions are in flight with several other school districts around the nation to roll out these innovative services for the fall semester.

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