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Serent’s Growth Team specializes in helping technology-enabled businesses achieve their goals.

Here at Serent Toolkit, our operations experts share their strategies, stories, insights, and best practices used while working to equip these high-growth and fast paced SaaS companies for success.

Serent Snapshot: Joe Kucik, Founder of Real Green Systems

Serent brought together experts in payments to make the payment facilitator a reality in a matter of months. “We brought a consultant in to work with us on the payments. And then Craig Foos, from Serent Capital, was very instrumental in working with my daughter Kellie, who was running our payments. They were able to build the payfac in just a few months. And probably the biggest game changer we had at Real Green was the opportunity to sell the new functionality with a new fixed pricing model. Customers love that new model because they know exactly what they’re going to pay. There’s no question.”

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Serent Snapshot: Amy Brandt, CEO of Docutech

Amy Brandt, CEO of Docutech, discusses how building the right teams and optimizing their sales process helped her scale.

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Serent Snapshot: Rod Jimenez, Co-Founder and CEO of SHR

Rod Jimenez, Co-Founder and CEO of SHR, shares how partnering with the right people has helped him grow his company and go-to-market strategy.

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Serent Snapshot: Gabby Wong, CEO of FranConnect

Gabby Wong, CEO of FranConnect, discusses how she built a culture of "fanatical customer experience" and worked with the Human Capital team to build out an effective hiring process.

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Serent Snapshot: Will Clemens, CEO of USATestprep

Will Clemens, CEO of USATestprep, discusses how he worked with the Serent team to grow the sales function and how he works with his board.

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Serent Snapshot: Mike Keegan, Lead Director of KEV Group

Mike Keegan, Lead Director of KEV Group, discusses his role as a board member and how founders and CEOs can tap into their board to reach their growth goals.

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