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Entering a New Era in Electronic Health Record Technology

The adoption and use of EHRs has been a source of promise… and frustration. Most systems come with usability issues that are a key driver of physician burnout. Exchanging health data between systems can often be a major headache. And EHRs frequently fail to deliver the productivity gains they promise.

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Mortgage Tech: Bringing Digital Innovation to the Housing Industry with Amy Brandt

We sat down with Amy Brandt, who works with CEOs in the Serent portfolio as an Operating Executive Director at Serent Capital, to learn what innovative startups are doing to find success in the mortgage tech space.

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Developing an Effective Sales Hiring Process

Your sales team is critical to your company’s revenue growth, so recruiting the right reps is essential. Since sales is a high-pressure, high-turnover function, it’s not enough to find the occasional successful hire. Your team needs a reliable, scalable strategy for identifying suitable candidates—and ensuring their skill set aligns with your unique needs.

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Executive Interviewing Guide: How to Find the Ideal Hire

Running a successful interview process—one that yields the best hire possible—is a challenge. And it becomes even more challenging during an executive-level search.

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The Critical Role That the Hiring Manager Plays in the Interview Process

As the hiring manager, you ultimately are in charge of keeping up the momentum of the search. That means you have a relationship to build, responsibilities to handle and details to address along the way.

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Three Essential Components You Need To Set Up a Successful Interview Process

Running a successful interview process – one that yields the best hire possible - is a challenge. And it becomes even more challenging during an executive-level search. Making a set of interviews an iterative and revealing series of conversations is the key to finding exceptional talent and cultural fit that will drive impact over the long term. That means planning ahead, communicating with all the stakeholders, and having a “flexibly structured” plan for every step of the process.

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