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Here at Serent Toolkit, our operations experts share their strategies, stories, insights, and best practices used while working to equip these high-growth and fast paced SaaS companies for success.

Developing an Effective Sales Hiring Process

Your sales team is critical to your company’s revenue growth, so recruiting the right reps is essential. Since sales is a high-pressure, high-turnover function, it’s not enough to find the occasional successful hire. Your team needs a reliable, scalable strategy for identifying suitable candidates—and ensuring their skill set aligns with your unique needs.

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The Best Tool to Begin an Executive Recruiting Process

Most people dread writing a job spec, but by defining what success looks like and then crafting a matrix of the must have, highly desirable, and nice-to-have requirements to achieve those goals for the role, you can create a “scorecard” that will be the framework for the role.

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Why Culture Matters: Finding a Cultural Fit for Your Team

Getting cultural fit right can unlock massive value for an organization. However, the costs of getting cultural fit wrong can be high, too. In this Human Capital post, we discuss how to find a cultural fit for your team as part of your interview process.

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Building a Sales Compensation Plan

Equipping your team to build a successful sales compensation plan is no small feat. We have identified 9 tactics that can help you lay the groundwork for creating the right compensation plan for your company.

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eGuide: 8 Core Components to Building a High-Performance Sales Team

Over the past 11 years, Serent has partnered with more than 35 portfolio companies and evaluated investments in thousands of others. As a result of our Growth Team’s hands-on work with our portfolio companies, we have compiled our perspectives around the major components of an effective sales framework in this eGuide. 

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Supercharge Your Sales Performance Management with 3 Tactics

There are many ways to support the sales function inside a company as it scales, but one of the best parts of sales is that it is the most measurable function as well. The challenge for companies ends up being on whether they can use the tracked performance to manage effectively. Our experience points to performance management in sales revolving around three areas.

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