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Here at Serent Toolkit, our operations experts share their strategies, stories, insights, and best practices used while working to equip these high-growth and fast paced SaaS companies for success.

State of EdTech Fireside Chat

Navid Oreizy sits down with Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve 3000, to discuss the state of the K12 market and opportunities for edtech companies.

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GovTech: Building a Strong Go-To-Market Strategy for 2021

We sat down with Steve Ressler, a serial entrepreneur and who has been part of three successful GovTech company exits, to discuss the five approaches that GovTech founders and entrepreneurs can use to build a strong go-to-market strategy in 2021.

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Serent Capital’s Field Services Sector Update

With hundreds of thousands of service providers across lawn care, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, electrical, and many other sectors in the early stages of software adoption, the field services software ecosystem is growing rapidly.

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Serent Capital’s IT & Software Development Sector Update

We are actively looking to partner with companies that provide tools used by IT (Information Technology) professionals (in-house and services providers) and software development teams. The IT / developer tools landscape is dynamic and rapidly evolving, creating unique business-building opportunities for innovative founders. We see great potential for entrepreneurs to leverage industry tailwinds to build the next generation of market-leading technology solutions.

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Serent Capital’s GovTech Sector Update

While we undoubtedly face uncertain economic times, at Serent we maintain a strong belief that the government technology sector will be one of the few resilient sectors of the economy. Citizens are dependent on their state and local governments more than ever for essential services, and governments need to swiftly adapt to providing those services while in crisis-response mode. Organizational IT budgets are yet to be determined, but we believe this crisis is an opportunity for state and local agencies to re-evaluate their IT priorities and shift their technology portfolio away from costly system integrations and legacy on-premise solutions to lower-cost, nimble and adaptable cloud-based technologies.

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Serent Capital’s Healthcare Sector Update

Since its formation in 2008, Serent Capital has been actively partnering and investing in market-leading healthcare companies. In total, Serent has invested in seven platform companies ranging from services providers, such as, Cardon Outreach, to healthcare software companies, like Pondera Solutions. In the last three years, Serent's dedicated Healthcare Team has been particularly active, investing in four platforms.

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