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Property Tech: Understanding the Digital Transformation in Real Estate

Companies that are building the next generation of property technology products should keep in mind two key tenants of product development: know your customer to build a great product and stay focused on the value your product provides.

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Digital Health: 4 Key Trends Driving Funding Activity and How to Capitalize on Them

Effective digital health solutions enable employers to deliver a better healthcare experience and achieve higher utilization across their entire workforce

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GovTech: Investors Look Ahead Panel with Serent from the State of GovTech Event

Serent Vice President, Pallavi, sits down with Steve Ressler, serial GovTech entrepreneur, and 3 additional investors from across the GovTech ecosystem to discuss the differences in funding options, the implications for GovTech customers after a transaction, what makes the GovTech sector attractive to investors, and what metrics investors look for.

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State of EdTech Fireside Chat

Navid Oreizy sits down with Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve 3000, to discuss the state of the K12 market and opportunities for edtech companies.

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GovTech: Building a Strong Go-To-Market Strategy for 2021

We sat down with Steve Ressler, a serial entrepreneur and who has been part of three successful GovTech company exits, to discuss the five approaches that GovTech founders and entrepreneurs can use to build a strong go-to-market strategy in 2021.

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Serent Capital’s Field Services Sector Update

With hundreds of thousands of service providers across lawn care, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, electrical, and many other sectors in the early stages of software adoption, the field services software ecosystem is growing rapidly.

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