Welcome to our Centers of Excellence, the toolkit you need to grow your company

At Serent Capital, we believe in the power of specialization. That’s why we’ve established our Centers of Excellence – dedicated teams focused on Payments, Pricing & Product Marketing, and Product & Technology. These centers are integral to our unique approach, enabling us to provide unparalleled expertise and support to our portfolio companies.

Our Centers of Excellence help to accelerate revenue generation for our portfolio companies


In the rapidly evolving payments landscape, our Payments Center of Excellence serves as a beacon of expertise and insight. We understand the complexities of payment processing, from regulatory compliance to technology integrations. Our team works closely with portfolio companies to optimize their payment strategy, facilitating seamless transactions, enhanced customer experience, and improved profitability.


on revenue with PayFac Implementation*


Payment Processing Engagements


10x payments revenue in 3 years*

Pricing & Product Marketing

Pricing strategies can make or break a business. Our Pricing and Product Marketing Center of Excellence is committed to helping our partners develop and implement effective pricing models that drive revenue growth while maintaining customer satisfaction. Leveraging industry data and advanced analytics, we deliver tailored solutions that align with your business goals and market dynamics.


uplift in ARR in 6 months post -investment*


years of expertise & industry insight


initiatives across the portfolio

Product & Technology

In the fast-paced world of tech, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Our Product & Technology Center of Excellence is at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. We work alongside our portfolio companies to foster innovation, streamline product development, and enhance technological capabilities. From strategic guidance to hands-on support, we’re here to accelerate your digital transformation journey.


in cost saving with migration to best practice tech stack*

35% improvement

in average expansion revenue from new products, pricing and platform modernization*


years of experience leading transformational product initiatives

We’re Here for You

*+80bps on revenue: There can be no guarantee that any portfolio company will experience the above increase in payments
*10x payments revenue in 3 years – this is the best single outcome achieved
*9% uplift in ARR: There can be no guarantee that any portfolio company will experience the above increase in pricing-related revenue
*$1M in cost savings: There can be no guarantee that any portfolio company will experience the above increase in cost savings
*35% improvement in avg expansion revenue: Budgeting Benchmark report shows SSSG going from an average of $2.5M to $3.4M YoY