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The Power of People

We believe in being a true partner – a partner that can help our companies achieve their goals, celebrate their successes, and most importantly, support them when times are turbulent. This year, we came together to support our portfolio companies as they navigated the challenges of the pandemic and whatever unique hurdles confronted them throughout the year and helped them emerge stronger because of it.

Time and time again, we showed that we are stronger together than we are independently. When the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold, our team quickly came together to rally around our companies. They made themselves available day or night to help our executives maneuver new obstacles. They launched a cross-portfolio program to facilitate daily sharing of best practices and resources to ensure our leaders have the support and information they need for their employees and customers.

While we are proud of how our team supported the portfolio, our CEOs and executives led the way, navigating the hard choices. Each day they took on the responsibility of their employees and customers, and throughout this year, they made meaningful sacrifices and overcame significant hurdles. With their leadership and commitment, they delivered vital solutions to some of the most impacted communities, including enabling virtual learning for K-12 students, ensuring senior nursing facilities receive safe and essential care, keeping thousands of employees healthy at work, and many more. Their innovation and dynamism have helped us continue to drive change.

A significant number of our companies' customers also faced struggles, from the local restaurant owner who had to adapt to our new world to the family-owned bed and breakfast working through new weekly restrictions. Our companies rose to the challenge and found ways to help their customers withstand the storm. They provided critical tools to their customers, including creating dashboards that display vital data for the staffing industry, providing restaurants with actionable tactics, and offering their products for free or at substantially discounted rates. This year, we celebrate the people – the CEOs, the teams, the customers, the community – who not only endured but who exemplified what true partnership means and left this year brighter and better than when it started.

By the numbers


in Transaction Volume in 2020







Investments & Exits

In 2020, we're thrilled and humbled to have added 9 new platforms investments, 7 new add-on investments, and realized exits for 2 of our companies that went on to pursue their next chapter of growth.

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Accelerating Growth

Our in-house Growth Team of over a dozen top-tier experts actively partners with our companies to accelerate growth by providing strategic & operational support for areas such as sales & marketing, payments, & M&A – all without consulting fees.

Budgeting & KPIs
Account Management
Executive Searches
Mergers & Acquisitions
Product Roadmaps
Sales & Marketing

Meet the Members of Our Growth Team


Growth Team Members


Strategic Initiatives Across 21 Companies in the Last 12 Months


Donny Wyatt | CoConstruct

Donny Wyatt, founder and CEO of CoConstruct, discusses how he built a top-rated software for builders and how he's grown his company through finding and hiring the right people.

Serent Toolkit: Resources for Growth


8 Core Components to Building a High-Performance Sales Team

"Revenue is the lifeblood of any company and the key to driving revenue growth is a high-performing sales team. It comes as no surprise then that scaling a sales organization is one of the most common issues on the minds of the hundreds of CEOs and founders with whom we have the privilege of interacting each year.

Over the past 12 years, Serent has partnered with more than 50 portfolio companies and evaluated investments in thousands of others. As a result of our Growth Team's hands-on work with our portfolio companies, we have compiled our perspectives around the major components of an effective sales framework in this eGuide."

In this downloadable eGuide, you can learn how to implement key elements to set your fast-growing sales team up for success, including:

  • Building an effective customer and prospect database
  • Creating account targeting plans
  • Designing a sales playbook tailored to your business
  • How to map your sales territory
  • Building a sales compensation plan
  • Developing an effective sales hiring process
  • 4 components of successful sales training

Building Teams

Our dedicated Human Capital team works hand-in-hand with our companies to identify, recruit, & hire key talent & collaborate on long-term organizational design for the next phase of growth.

By tapping into our proprietary database of experienced industry professionals, known as the Serent Executive Network (SEN), we're able to source many of our executives, increasing success rates and reducing recruiting and hiring costs for our companies.


Gabby Wong | FranConnect

Gabby discusses the importance of attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent and how she's maintained her company's culture as they've scaled.


Executives in the Serent Executive Network (SEN)


Executive placements in the last 12 months


Executives placed from the Serent Executive Network (SEN)

Staying Connected (Virtually)

Each year, Serent gathers our executives and board members to share best practices, discuss challenges and opportunities, and develop connections with their peers across the portfolio. This year, we took our executive summits virtual and welcomed 239 attendees.


Virtual Summits



Awards and Recognitions

Employee Highlights

Investment Criteria

We are a growth-focused investment firm that invests in growing technology & tech-enabled services businesses. We recently launched our $750MM Fund IV.

We focus on investing in founder-owned businesses
We usually commit $20MM to $100MM in equity per investment
We actively pursue M&A for our portfolio companies
$15MM to $250MM

Enterprise Value (Smaller for add-ons)

>$5MM recurring revenue

Company Size (Smaller for add-ons)

10% - 1000%+


Growing Technology & Tech-Enabled Companies

Vertical Specific B2B Software, Data, Payments, or Tech-Enabled Services Companies

-$1MM to $15MM EBITDA

In profitability

30-100% Ownership

Minority or Majority Transactions

Sector Specialists

With over a decade of experience, we believe in deeply researching and understanding each sector to pull from the best practices & internal IP we've built to help our portfolio of 50+ companies grow. Here are a few samples of our sector coverage from this year.

To stay up-to-date on our latest sector insights, sign up for our Sector Updates below.


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Thank you for navigating 2020 with us, and we look forward to growing with you in 2021!

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  2. Across all funds as of 12/31/20


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